November 2, 2015

Episode 17 Paula Gregorowicz, joins Michele for a Tool Talk episode where we learn about the app Mile Bug

and how it can help us make more money if we drive aroundat/for work! Paula Gregorowicz (pronounced Greg-Er-O-Vich)

is the owner of The Paula G Company LLC, where she empowers

business owners and savvy professionals to take charge oftheir time,

productivity, and technology and live a life they love. She combines her

background in corporate America, spirituality coaching and track record as

a powerful implementer in small business, and brings all of this to bear for

women business owners. A passionate photographer and

outdoors woman, Paula also has a book, Open to Your Intuitive

Intelligence: Reflections on Nature and Wisdom. Great stuff not only gets

started with Paula, it gets finished!

Web: http://www.thepaulagcompany.com

Apps:  http://www.milebug.com and http://www.toggle.com 


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